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Feb. 16th, 2012

wrote a wee bit of porn today

Title: Anything Can Wait
Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Pairing: John/Sherlock, of course.
Rating: hard NC-17
Summary:  Pretty much a PWP nspired by the kinkmeme's myriad dreams of Sherlock returning post-Fall and seducing the hell out of a very miffed John Watson.  ~2300 words.

“You’re still the bastard, I hope you know. Gay revelations don’t mitigate your guilt on this.”Collapse )

Jan. 25th, 2012

new little Sherlock BBC Series 2 ficlet

Oh kink!meme, you always pull me back.

John/Molly (unrequited Sherlock!Everyone)

Jan. 22nd, 2012

Giant project of dooom

Guess what I am undertaking?

Archiving!  Archiving my truly insane number of ficlets.

I don't do epic, novel-length love stories like the great katieforsythe  or janeturenne .  You know what I do do?  Crack.  Crossovers.  Abject PWPs.  

Selfishly, I adore the feedback I get on these little ficlets.  And I have been on LJ for YEARS.  It's time I got my act together and tried with some seriousness to actually archive that which is worthwhile.  I want people to find the silly little messes I've left around fandom like breadcrumbs in a forest and have SOMEWHERE they can come reliably for more, if it suits them.

I have no timeline in mind, but I start work immediately!  Any tips, suggestions, wild and undeserving praise, or generalized criticism is welcome in the comments.  Oh, and if you happen to work for the BBC, are named Steven Moffat or Mark Gatiss, and want to offer me a job writing for you, note that, too.

Aug. 21st, 2011

"Sherlock" Fic: Index of Filled Prompts from the Meme

ETA: UPDATED!   New fills are marked with **.  I love you, meme.

Hello, few and far between (but no less dear for it) readers of mine.

Had a kind comment from someone looking for more of my Sherlock (BBC) fanfic.  The bad news is that I suck at archiving my fics and am almost entirely LJ illiterate.  The good news is that I tried to find all my fills from the sherlockbbc_fic kinkmeme for this kind reader, and have reposted all the links below for anyone else looking to read short, smutty, and/or cracktastic ficlets.  I can assure you that the one thing they have in common is my desperate attempt to keep everyone and everything, from the crazier Great Mouse Detective crossover to the srs bns porn, in character.  That is my only standard, really, as I evidently have no others.

Fills are linked by the prompt that birthed them, and the numbering means nothing except that I clearly have a problem:
**1.   "John is really annoyed with something Sherlock did (like omit house hold chores), and rants. Sherlock says, 'You're on edge today, would you like me to bring you off with my hand?' John answers, 'I'm not on egde! I'm annoyed because you- alright.'"

**2.  "(Previously)Straight!John and Virgin!Sherlock realise they they are attracted to each other, and decide to pursue sexual relations. Basically, I want it awkward as hell."

**3.   "Give me some erotic humiliation, please. Sherlock/John. I'd prefer it with Sherlock on the bottom, being bratty but ultimately obedient. I'm talking things like physical punishment, being talked down to, verbal humiliation, degrading positions (who doesn't want Sherlock on his knees?), etc etc."

4.  John cheats on Sherlock, who immediately deduces what has happened.

5.  "Sherlock and John are having the kind of sex you can detect from space when Lestrade (and company?) burst into 221B under the guise of a drugs bust or whatever. Sherlock is incredibly nonchalant about them seeing him having John's dick way the hell up his ass and is all, "Oh. It's you lot. I think you'll find that the buggery act was repealed in 1967?" John is MORTIFIED."

6.  "I want to read a fic where Sherlock and John are on a case which inevitabley leads to them hiding in a closet. For some reason, maybe adrenaline, John is super hard.  And Sherlock decides to give him a handjob right there.  But John gets rather vocal, so he has to quiet him.  I'd want to see this done with Sherlock and John not having been in any sort of sexual relationship prior.  I'm so willing to do this myself, but I've no clue how to set it."

7.  ""You, ripping my clothes off in a darkened swimming pool, people might talk."/"People do little else."
*mutual snorfling*
This convo plays out, and then Sherlock helps a breathless John to his feet. Moriarty does NOT walk back in. After a few more botched attempt at conversation, Sherlock kisses John in a fit of relief that he is alive; have him as mushy as you like, I want him sweet and desperate, like in that scene.

Then, the REAL ripping of clothes off occurs. ;DD"

8.  "Because I love Molly, and Sherlock is a manipulative ass!

9.  John goes on a date with Sarah. Sherlock gets p!ssed off with this, so asks Molly out to show John that HELL YEAH BITCH I CAN GET A DATE TOO.
Except Molly says no. Cause she's sick of him.
I want Molly being like NO WAY D!CKHEAD I KNOW YOUR GAME AND I'M TIRED OF YOU and Sherlock being all ...But but but...I thought..."

10.  "So Sherlock horns in on John and Sarah's date. What else might he horn in on?  Sherlock/John/Sarah sandwich with John as the filling if you know what I mean."

**NEW** 11.  Mrs. Hudson/John.  Pegging.  Crack.  You read that right.

12.  "Well, during that whole scene when Sherlock and John come home from chasing the cab...
When they were panting and heaving and leaning against the wall at the base of the stairs...
Yeah, that did terrible things to my mind.
I keep imagining John flipping Sherlock face-forward on the wall and taking him there.
So yeah, this is my prompt."

13.  I think this was the first one I filled:  "ANYTHING based around the drugs bust scene and that awesome line about Sherlock being "a high functioning sociopath" XD"

14.  Sherlock/The Great Mouse Detective Crossover Fic (quite a bit of response already; who knew there was such an appetite for this kind of thing?  I wish other people would take a better, longer crack at it.  Rated G)
AND [info]quamquam20  MADE A FANVID for this fic!!!  Check it out, it's lol-arious.

15.  "I read a prompt on here just - something about Sherlock walking in on John when he's naked - and I just NEED someone to draw John in the shower and Sherlock on the other side of the curtain and having a whole thing about whether or not to pull the curtain back. Please XD  (A fic would also do)"  Yeah, it's a fic.

16.  "Lestrade and the others (maybe Anderson, Donovan and/or Mycroft or Molly) placing a bet about when and how will John and Sherlock discover that they are much more than flatmates."

17.  "This is cheesy, but how about a somewhat asexual Holmes who basically has never had sex because he sees no point in doing it.  The kick? After Watson introduces him to mutually satisfying orgasms, they end up being very useful for clearing his mind."

18.  "Poor Watson's limp can lead to some...ambiguous implications.
I can just see someone going, "wait, I thought the limp was psychosomatic. You got over it. So why are you limping again?"
Watson coughs. Sherlock looks insufferably smug."

**19.  "Crossover with Community please! I just want to see the brilliance and eccentricity of both Sherlock and Abed in close proximity to each other. Sherlock can be a new student/TA/errant wormhole traveller, or the study group could decide to take an 'educational' trip to England, whatever makes it work for you."  (I loved writing this.)

**20.  Good Omens Crossover: Crowley/Sherlock at a gay bar.

**21.  "John really is the kind and helpful fellow everyone knows about. But that instantly is all gone whenever someone physically hurts Sherlock, be it a drunk looking for a fight or a professional criminal.

What I want is for John just LOSE IT whenever something happens to Sherlock (he shot a cabbie for him and darkly said 'Let him go or I will kill you' to the golem) that he goes into a complete personality change that makes him unrecognizable and more dangerous than a serial killer."

**22.  NO TROUSERS PROMPT naturally made me write pornography.

**23.  Virgin!Sherlock pushes himself too far with John.

Please read and comment to let me know your thoughts!  I do it for the love of the comm.  (Well, that, and porn.)

Mar. 9th, 2011

real life update

 RL is awesome at the moment.  Hence the lack of prompt-filling and fic-writing and general fannish behavior.  I know it's not fair to generalize and say that all fan behavior stems from filling a void in RL, but mine really does.  I'm comfortable enough with that unfortunate reality to be open about it.

But sometimes, and hooray for this, life imitates art.  I've written fic about gay and bisexual men for eight years of my life; now I'm finally dating one of the latter.  It is lovely.  He told me he reads gay erotica and I was just like, "Me, too!"  No need to elaborate that it's fandom-based.  It's all just good.  

To be honest, I wasn't really sure bisexual men existed to the degree they proliferate in fic.  I'm still not convinced of that.  But getting to know one IRL has been illuminating.  All is well.  I kind of miss writing porn about Sherlock and John, but there will be time enough for that when this relationship has to end.  Expect loads of super angsty fluff.

Mar. 1st, 2011

(no subject)

 Why does my LJ look different?  Granted I haven't been on in a few weeks, but WHY are there ads on my site that have never been there before?  More importantly, why can't I either opt out of them or acquire the meagre sum of adsense $ that I'd earn by people viewing them on my page?


Anyone?  A little help?  I don't understand.

Feb. 7th, 2011

Consider this a rec

 It's my last first day of school today and I awoke, wide awake, at 4am.  So for three and a half hours I read everything John/Sherlock (and one Holmes/Watson) that quamquam20  has written.

Holy mother of god.  Walk, don't run, to this delicious, in-character goodness.  The worst part is that there are like twenty comments per entry!  She's basically unknown!  And she's a better writer than most.

Jan. 22nd, 2011

BBC Sherlock Crossover Collection

I decided to LJ-cut-index all my crossover ficlets from the kinkmeme in one master post to make them easier to find, if what tickles your fancy of an evening is despoiling the purity of one fandom with the crackiest crack bits of another.  These are my favorite things to write.  The first two are G, but the Good Omens one gets a bit porny.

Sherlock Meets the Cast of "Community"Collapse )
(original link)

Sherlock lives with Basil, the Great Mouse DetectiveCollapse )

(original link)

** The GMD/Sherlock vid someone awesome made to accompany the above fic can be found here.

Good Omens Xover for the sake of some Crowley/young!SherlockCollapse )

(original link)

Handjobs for Everyone

Prompt: John is really annoyed with something Sherlock did (like omit house hold chores), and rants. Sherlock says, "You're on edge today, would you like me to bring you off with my hand?" John answers, "I'm not on egde! I'm annoyed because you- alright."
Original Link
Fill:Collapse )

Jan. 5th, 2011



While watching SNL on Hulu.com this evening, I saw a Google Chrome commercial, the tagline of which was: "Search the web as fast as you think."  (Yes, I guess I'm giving them free advertising for telling y'all about this.)  The cool thing? aka the fannish bit?  The premise is that the whole commercial is a series of text blocks, in Google colors, which add up to just half of common phrases, things like:
Once upon
You had me at
Raining cats

You automatically found yourself filling them in, which was exactly what the advertisers wanted, to make it memorable and so on.

One of them, though, was "Sherlock."  Instead of thinking "Holmes," I kind of went, "John!"

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